9th Annual Stakeholders Gathering




12. - 23. PM

10785 BERLIN



Barilla has been making pasta for four generations. For us, food is not just food for function’s sake. It is about enjoyment, connection, energy, well-being and respect for both humanity and the earth. As a family-owned, leading global food company, we believe it is imperative to advocate, promote and defend these values and commit to caring for people and the environment. We call this value-system “Good for You, Good for the Planet” and it is incorporated into everything we do and how we operate every day.

Barilla’s philosophy is based on the Mediterranean lifestyle, which celebrates simple, honest goodness and careful balance in all things. So we share only the food we would choose to nourish our own children. We treat the planet like it’s our own backyard. We look for chances to make life better for our neighborhoods. And most of all, we take care of each other.

Therefore, we commit to:

  • Providing the kind of food we’d feed our own family—good, safe, and nutritionally-balanced products in line with the Mediterranean Diet (GOOD FOR YOU);

  • Promoting sourcing and production practices that treat our planet like our own backyard, by acting responsibly and sustainably throughout our supply chain (GOOD FOR THE PLANET);

  • Inspiring, empowering, and supporting the communities that make up our most immediate family, through nutrition education and by bringing nutritious options to those in need (GOOD FOR COMMUNITIES).

“The most exciting challenge facing our Company is the ability to continually improve in all of our activities. What is at stake is the sustainability of our growth, our future, the future of our children.”

— Guido, Luca and Paolo Barilla

What is Barilla Insieme Day?

After stops in Paris, Chicago, and Singapore, Barilla Insieme Day is coming to Berlin! At the 11th edition of our annual idea exchange in the German capital, we would like to discuss sustainability and nutrition with international experts.

The Italian word insieme means ‘together’ and only together we can develop solutions for global challenges such as climate change, healthier diets, and a more sustainable way of doing business. As a global food business leader, we are compelled to understand these issues in order to help the people and communities we serve and fulfill our role as a global citizen.

Our brand Wasa is a leading example. Kicking off an inspiring day that brings together key stakeholders from the world of business, science, politics, NGOs and media, we will announce a new bold initiative to revolutionize the way we produce food. In the following program of insightful talks and panel discussions, we look forward to hearing from an eclectic cast of innovators. Enrich the day with your opinion!

In the evening, we will reveal the next chapter of the Barilla brand. Be inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine and the Italian lifestyle. The night will be full of highlights and surprises, not to be missed.

“We believe we can fulfill our responsibility only through open collaborations with many other actors; we consider ourselves a company ‘open to stakeholders’ and we are keen to receive suggestions and set many collaborations to improve our path.”

— Claudio Colzani, CEO


What we'll act on

As the global population increases, so do the struggles to increase food production – safely, sustainably and transparently. Access to healthy, fresh and whole foods is a widespread challenge, affecting communities across globe. Innovative solutions to food access issues are growing - particularly in urban areas that are far separated from farms or any hint of agricultural production. And while food access issues are becoming more prevalent, we are also in an era of boundless information and options, where transparency is of increasing importance to consumers. Knowing where your food has come from, how it was produced, who produced it and what the food and/or packaging contains is now considered standard. Everyone from government agencies, to businesses, to farmers, to NGOs are more accountable than ever before. All to answer: how do we improve our food systems?

“Give people food you would give to your own children.”

- Pietro Barilla



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How to get there


Italian Embassy

Tiergartenstr. 22
10785 Berlin

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The address of the Italian embassy is Tiergartenstr. 22, 10785 Berlin. We kindly ask you to use public transport if possible. The bus stop Tiergartenstr. is in immediate proximity of the Embassy and can be easily reached by bus line 200 via Varian-Fry-Str. near Potsdamer Platz station and Zoologischer Garten station. Public parking spaces near the embassy are limited. In addition, the embassy is within 20 minutes walking distance of the Scandic Hotel at Potsdamer Platz.

9th Annual Stakeholders Gathering